NEC, Free World Cuisine - May 17– Date

A start-up food business producing a new style of curry sauce made from fresh ground spices and organic coconut milk powder.

NED, Red River Software - Nov 13 – Feb 16

A privately-owned software development firm specialising in building bespoke software to replace legacy systems. We refocused the commercial offering and target markets and grew the business from 12 programmers/consultants to 20. Winner of Gatwick Diamond Business award 2016.

NED, Morvelo Cycle Apparel – March 14 – Aug 15

The business was struggling with overtrading having taken on some major new clients. We renegotiated terms with customers, suppliers and incumbent bank to allow the business to continue to grow within its available facilities. Also refocused the sales activity to the most profitable channels. Business now growing profitably at 40%+ p.a.


NED, Mill End Hotel - Sep 11 – Sep 14

A 28-room boutique hotel & restaurant in Devon. Originally purchased as the first of a buy and built strategy to consolidate a number of family run hotels in the area. The business never moved beyond the first hotel due to a change in circumstances for the principal shareholder.

Non-Executive experience – Public Sector

NED, Sussex Innovation Centre (University of Sussex)  - May 15 – Date

£2.2m subsidiary of University of Sussex which operates two business incubators in Brighton and Croydon with two more in development. We offer office space, mentoring and advice plus admin or accounting services to 70-100 growing businesses annually. Initiated a strategic review of the Centre which will led to a much greater involvement in commercialisation of University IP and development of University spin out enterprises.

Chair, Little Green Pig Oct 13 – Jan 16

Local charity that empowers underprivileged children through creative writing. During my term, we renewed the board and implemented a new business plan which doubled the number of children impacted within existing budgets.

Entrepreneur-in-Residence - City College, Brighton & Hove – Aug 13 – Aug 14

Pro-bono role as the colleges first Entrepreneur-in-Residence mentoring budding young entrepreneurs and lecturing on various aspects of stating and running a business.

NED & Chair of Audit & Risk Committee, Learning & Skills Council – Sept 04 – March 10

A non-departmental public body with responsibility for funding all non-university third level education including FE Colleges and apprenticeship schemes. We had responsibility for allocating an annual Budget of £ 1.7Bn across the South East of England. Chair of Audit & Risk Management committee for the Sussex area.