Gastro Catering
Case Study

Aaron Douglas Bailey, Gastro Catering

…he’s obviously very good at looking at all sorts of different businesses and picking up how they work… what their challenges are and what their opportunities are

-Aaron Douglas Bailey

Now in their tenth year, Gastro Catering is not your normal catering company. Taking a bespoke approach to its events and only sourcing its produce from quality suppliers within Sussex, for Gastro catering the food is just the start of the experience.

Catering for weddings, an increasing number of private parties as well as corporate events, Gastro catering has seen some impressive expansion. In the last year alone, they’ve achieved 100% growth. However, such growth has led to some growing pains, which is where Nigel has aided the organisation.

…he helps to look at the year more objectively… to look ahead further to say this is what we’re doing this quarter, next quarter and to help us in reaching financial targets

Aaron Douglas Bailey

Aaron approached Nigel to try and ease the company through some of the challenges arising through this development stage. Breaking down the company’s financial strategy and helping to set quarterly targets has been one way Nigel has benefitted Gastro Catering. Another is simply giving advice on strategic decisions the company encounters so they can avoid costly mistakes, gently steering them in the right direction.

“…any business needs to look at everything it invests in as giving a return…we’ve made our investment in Nigel back about ten times over.”

Aaron Douglas Bailey