Bathroom Company

Chris Burton, The Brighton Bathroom Company

“…he’s been really instrumental in fundamental business decisions that we’ve been making over the course of the last year.”

-Chris Burton

The Brighton Bathroom Company specialises in the design, supply and installation of bespoke bathrooms, in the last year branching out into offering the same services for kitchens. Established for almost seven years The Brighton Bathroom Co. focusses primarily on West Sussex, Kent and Surrey.

Having worked with a business coach for a few years, Chris felt he had reached a crucial stage within his business’ development, moving to look at larger plans for the company going forward. It was this area in which Nigel was approached to help, specifically around some of the more fundamental business decisions which were being looked at.

“…he knows an awful lot about the business world and he can see things from a much higher perspective than I do… I’m just learning as much as possible from him.”

-Chris Burton

Nigel has worked with The Brighton Bathroom Co. in several areas, targeting business growth as well as any smaller issues that have arisen along the way. Through a long, medium- and short-term approach Nigel has helped to implement new approaches to staffing and storage as the business undergoes growth. Providing a strategic outlook to all areas of the business, Nigel has been a great source of knowledge in guiding the company in the direction they wish to pursue.

“… I think to have someone outside the business to be able to work with…that understands businesses is highly valuable to our company as we move forward into the next stage of growth.”

-Chris Burton