Small Batch Coffee Company

Executive Leadership

Once I had started the business, I quickly realised that starting was the easy part. Surviving and growing was much harder. I was introduced to Nigel and we quickly developed a great working relationship.

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WJ King

Executive Leadership

When Nigel & Ian bought WJ King, they set about transforming every aspect of the business. They developed new beers and brands, overhauled all of the business processes, won new clients and put a real fizz back into the business.

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Enterpreneur in Residence for City College


Having Nigel here to share his expertise is quite a coup for the college.

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Interim Management

An Exceptional CEO with first rate sales Strategic, marketing and Financial Skills.

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Bold Decisions

Bold Decisions was established to assist business leaders to improve their own and their company performance.

Nigel Lambe has spent 20 years leading businesses from many different sectors through major changes, development, growth and transition.

While he has worked in some very different industries and types of businesses there were always some common factors;

  • Setting a new, clear vision
  • Recruit &/or empower a great team
  • Take the tough decisions and lead from the front
  • Utilise the best technology in every area of the business
  • Train and develop all staff
  • Treat your customers like the most important people in the world
  • Treat your suppliers like customers
  • Know your numbers – in detail
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate
  • Work hard and have fun

In his corporate career, he has led businesses with annual revenues in excess of  £50m, been responsible for over 1,400 staff and has overseen capital building projects in excess of £3m.

Now that he runs his own businesses and advises many others, these principals are the same and Nigel uses his experience and expertise to advise other business leaders on how to optimise their own individual performance and to meet their company objectives.

Nigel Has a B.Comm (Corporate Strategy) and  an MBS (International Business & Negotiations) from University College Dublin.